Barbara Vital

PhD Researcher


Barbara has experience with water management and innovative treatment technologies. Currently, she is working on studying the impact of fouling in blue energy applications and how this problem can be overcome with adequate water treatments and anti-fouling strategies.


Masters of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering, Ghent University, Belgium, 2016

Research interests

Water technology, water treatment, fouling, blue energy

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Vital, B.; J. Bartacek, J.C. Ortego-Bravo, D. Jeison. Treatment of acid mine drainage by forward osmosis: Heavy metal rejection and reverse flux of draw solution constituents. Chemical Engineering Journal, volume 332, p. 85-91
  • B. Vital, T. Sleutels, M.C. Gagliano, H.V. Hamelers – Reversible fouling by particulate matter from natural seawater reduces RED performance while limiting biofouling. Desalination 548 (2023) 116262 (
  • C. Simões, B. Vital, T. Sleutels, M. Saakes, W. Brilman – Scaled-up multistage reverse electrodialysis pilot study with natural waters. Chemical Engineering Journal 450 (2022) 138412. (
  • B. Vital, E.V. Torres, T. Sleutels, M.C. Gagliano, M. Saakes, H.V. Hamelers – Fouling fractionation in reverse electrodialysis with natural feed waters demonstrates dual media rapid filtration as an effective pre-treatment for fresh water. Desalination 518 (2021) 115277. (