Philipp Kuntke

Scientific project manager


My main research interests are focused on Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Carbon,  and energy recovery technologies from (waste)water based on physical, chemical, and (bio) electrochemical separation processes.
Besides my research activities, I am involved in the writing, coordination, and project management of EU- funded projects.


PhD, “Environmental Technology”, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands, 2013
MSc, “Water Science”, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany, 2006
BSc, “Water: Chemistry, Analytics, Microbiology”, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany, 2004

Research interests

Bioelectrochemistry, Electrochemistry, Electrodialysis, Urban mining, wastewater treatment.

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

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  • Kuntke, P., Rodríguez Arredondo, M., Widyakristi, L., Ter Heijne, A., Sleutels, T.H.J.A., Hamelers, H.V.M., & Buisman, C.J.N., “Hydrogen Gas Recycling for Energy Efficient Ammonia Recovery in Electrochemical Systems”, Environmental Science and Technology, 51(5), 2017, 3110–3116
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  • Ledezma, P., Kuntke, P., Buisman, C. J. N., Keller, J., & Freguia, S., “Source-separated urine opens golden opportunities for microbial electrochemical technologies”, Trends in Biotechnology, 33(4), 2015, 214–220
  • Kuntke, P., Śmiech, K.M., Bruning, H., Zeeman, G., Saakes, M., Sleutels, T.H.J.A., Hamelers, H.V.M, & Buisman, C.J.N., “Ammonium recovery and energy production from urine by a microbial fuel cell”, Water Research, 46(8), 2012, 2627–2636