Raquel Goncalves Barbosa

Postdoctoral Researcher


I am a postdoctoral researcher, R&D microbiologist and project manager who specializes in the development of microbial-based strategies to address challenges related to (waste)water/air treatment.
As a member of the biopolymers from water team, I am currently involved in the management of the EU funded project Agro2Circular.

Current position

Postdoctoral Researcher


PhD, Bioscience Engineering, Ghent  University, 2021
MSc, Microbiology, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, 2011
BSc, Biosciences, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, 2009

Research interests

Microbial cleantech, Resource recovery, Circular economy

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Barbosa, R.G., Candolo Oliveira, F., Andrés-Torres, M., Sleutels,T., Verstraete, W. and Boon, N. 2021. Effective orthophosphate removal from surface water using hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria. Science of the Total Environment 800, 149648.
  • Favere, J.*, Barbosa, R.G.*, Sleutels,T., Verstraete, W., de Smets, B. and Boon, N. 2021. Safeguarding the microbial water quality from source to tap. npj Clean Water 4 (28).
  • Barbosa, R.G., van Veelen, H.P.J., Pinheiro, V., Sleutels,T., Verstraete, W. and Boon,  N. 2021 Enrichment of hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria from high temperature and salinity environments. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 87, 02439-20.
  • Barbosa, R.G., Sleutels, T., Verstraete, W. and Boon, N. 2020. Hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria are capable of removing orthophosphate to ultra-low concentrations in a fed-batch reactor configuration. Bioresource and Technology 311, 123494.