Ruben Halfwerk

Postdoctoral Researcher


My phd research focuses on developing a novel crystallization process that operates at subzero temperatures: Eutectic Freeze crystallization. This separation technology can be used to separate salt and organics from aqueous liquids. The method will be used to extract products and concentrates from temperature sensitive streams in the agro and food industry. The project entails both experimental investigations in our laboratory as modeling of sub-zero crystallization processes.


MSc, Thermal engineering, University of Twente, 2016
BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Windesheim University of applied science, 2013

Research interests

Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, Freeze Concentration, Lactose Crystallization, Process Engineering

Selected list of publications

  • Louwes, A.C., Halfwerk, R.B., Bramer, E.A., Brem, G., ‘’Experimental Study on Fast Pyrolysis of Raw and Torrefied Woody Biomass.’’ Journal of Energy Technology (2019)