European centre of excellence
for sustainable water technology


Scientific Management Team    
Cees Buisman Executive Board
Bert Hamelers Program Director
Inez Dinkla Scientific Project Manager
Elmar C. Fuchs Program Manager
Jan Post Program Manager
Roel Meulepas Program Manager

Theme coordinators    
Maarten Biesheuvel Advanced water treatment
  Capacitive deionization  
Inez Dinkla Genomics based water quality monitoring
Elmar C. Fuchs Applied water physics
Cristina Gagliano Biofilms
Hilde de Gier Virus control
Lucía Hernández Leal Source separated sanitation
Jan Klok Sulfur
Leon Korving Phosphate recovery
Roel Meulepas Groundwater technology
Henk Miedema Dehydration
Jan Post Desalination
Priority compounds  
Michel Saakes Blue energy
Resource recovery  
Valentina Sechi Soil
Tom Sleutels Protein from water
Michele Tedesco Sustainable carbon cycle
Hardy Temmink Natural flocculants
Martijn Wagterveld Sensoring
Alan Werker Biopolymers from water
Doekle Yntema Smart water grids

Post docs    
Jorge Ricardo Cunha  
Eri van Heijnsbergen  
Slawomir Porada  
Pawel Roman  
Peer Timmers  
Renata van der Weijden  
Adam Wexler  
Bas Wols  
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