Wetsus Webinar: Applied Genomics: towards routine use in water monitoring

Innovations to apply genomics techniques for water and health monitoring require different phases. As bioinformatics analysis of genomic data enables us to unravel biological processes, it paves the way for subsequent application in process control or process optimization. Several challenges remain for broad application of genomics. For water and health monitoring, genomic and taxonomic reference databases such as MiDAS need continuous expansion and curation to serve as a foundation for genomic data interpretation. Additionally, wide practical application of genomics further needs affordable and easy-to-use tools for sample collection, sample processing and data analysis. Finally, the translation to NEN and ISO norms are of vital importance for routine monitoring use.

In this webinar, Wetsus goes through the quest of what is required for routine application by combining the growing wealth of genomics databases with fundamental process understanding and practical challenges in the field. Do you know how this works? Do you face similar challenges? Please join us in the discussions.


Morten Kam Dahl Dueholm, Associate Professor, Aalborg University:
‘MiDAS 4: Development and application of an ecosystem-specific 16S rRNA reference database’  

Pieter van Veelen, Manager Laboratory for Microbiology, Wetsus:
Discovering innovation potential in biodiversity and bioprocesses using genomics’

Aleida Hommes – de Vos van Steenwijk, Head of Innovation and Development, Orvion:
on the practical translation to process control

Adrie Atsma, Project Leader, Vitens:
‘Standardisation: a helpful tool for innovation’

Date&time: Thursday, March 3, 15.30 – 17.00

You can register (free) here, in the week before the webinar you will receive the link to the livestream.