and easy magnetic phosphorus catcher

Wetsus phosphorus recovery scientists were able to recover the iron-phosphate mineral vivianite from WWTPs equipped without sludge digesters. Within only 2-3 days of anaerobic residence time, the magnetic mineral formed to a similar extent as it would usually in 20-30 days in sludge digesters.

Up to 60% of the phosphorus and 55% of the iron added was present in the crystals, adding further proof to the already-accessible method’s viability.

More advantages that characterize the vivianite formation and recovery are its preventative abilities towards scaling, its easy add-on ability to current plants, and the harvesting of two critical raw material iron and phosphorus.

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Prot, T., W. Pannekoek, C. Belloni, A. I. Dugulan, R. Hendrikx, L. Korving, and M. C. M. van Loosdrecht. 2022. “Efficient Formation of Vivianite without Anaerobic Digester: Study in Excess Activated Sludge.” Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 10 (3): 107473.