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Sustainable carbon cycle

Advanced electrochemical methods to capture renewable CO2 and recover energy from flue gas

Interest in Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) has been growing recently, i.e. the development of technologies to remove CO2 from flue gas and from the atmosphere, and use the captured CO2 as a working fluid, or as a source of carbon.
The development of such technologies should be based on sustainability criteria, i.e. creating low-energy solutions that will benefit the environment, the society, and the economy. To reach this target, further research is needed to develop novel CCU technologies.
At Wetsus, the Sustainable carbon cycle (SCC) theme aims to develop energy-efficient technologies to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and from renewable sources, and convert the captured CO2 into valuable chemicals. Our research focuses on electrochemical methods based on new electrode materials, ion exchange membranes, and new reactor design. The SCC theme builds on the long research experience at Wetsus in the field of applied electrochemistry for salinity gradients, capacitive deionization, and energy recovery.
Together with industrial and academic partners, our final goal is to boost the sustainable development of carbon capture and conversion, by combining clean electrochemistry, low-cost capture technologies, and production of chemicals.

Michiel Geurds
Michele Tedesco

Theme manager
Michiel Geurds

Theme coordinator
Michele Tedesco

Wetsus research staff


Industrial partners

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Academic partners

Wageningen University 2016

Research projects

Louis Legrand, Wageningen University
   Reactive Gas Electrosorption (RGE): Electricity production/CO2 capture
Qingdian Shu, Wageningen University
   Novel methods for electrochemical capture and conversion of CO2


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At Wetsus, we continuously strive to create an open innovation community, where researchers, industrial partners and academic chairs collaborate to combine scientific excellence with commercial relevance.
In the Sustainable Carbon Cycle theme, we are looking for new collaborations with industries actively involved in the field of carbon capture and utilization. For more info, contact us.

combining scientific excellence with commercial relevance