Michel Saakes

Theme coordinator Resource recovery, Sustainable carbon cycle


Dr. Michel Saakes is Lector Water Smart Hydrogen at NHL – Wetsus since October 1, 2021. He joined Wetsus on February 1, 2006.
Experimental research on this Water Smart Hydrogen topic is done at the laboratory of Wetsus in the center of Leeuwarden.
Hydrogen generated directly from seawater overcomes the problem of pure water needed for normal electrolysis ways of generating hydrogen from water. In this way hydrogen generation does not contribute to water scarcity and can be done directly at sea using offshore wind. Students (HBO, Master) are welcome to investigate this sustainable route for hydrogen gas generation using seawater to do their Bachelor and Master thesis. Please contact me via

Current position

Theme coordinator Sustainable Carbon Cycle, Lector Water Smart Hydrogen at NHL Stenden


Chemistry study (University of Utrecht)
PhD in Electrochemistry (University of Utrecht)

Research interests

Electrochemistry, Hydrogen, Membranes, Electrocatalysts, Cell design

Selected list of publications

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