Margo Elzinga

Theme coordinator Sulfur


During my BSc, I studied environmental sciences with a strong focus on water technology. After obtaining a master’s degree in water technology, I started a PhD on bioelectrochemical thiol reduction and focused on biodesulfurization processes. Currently, I am working as theme coordinator and focusing on further understanding and optimization of the biodesulfurization process.


PhD, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 2023
MSc, Water Technology, Joint degree Wageningen University, University of Twente and University of Groningen, The Netherlands 2017
BSc, Environmental Sciences, van Hall Larenstein, The Netherlands, 2014

Research interests

Biodesulfurization processes, Bio electrochemistry, Waste water treatment & Resource recovery

Selected publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Elzinga, M., de Haan, D., Buisman, C. J., Ter Heijne, A., & Klok, J. B. Nutrient recovery and pollutant removal during renewable fuel production: opportunities and challenges, Trends in Biotechnology, (2023)
  • Elzinga, M., Lascaris, A., Klok, J. B., Ter Heijne, A., & Buisman, C. J., Insight in ethanethiol degradation kinetics at biocathodes. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering10(6), 108825, (2022)
  • Elzinga, M., Zamudio, J., van de Pol, T., Klok, J., & ter Heijne, A., A simple method for routine measurement of organosulfur compounds in complex liquid and gaseous matrices. Journal of Chromatography A1677, 463276, (2022)
  • Elzinga, M., Liu, D., Klok, J. B., Roman, P., Buisman, C. J., & Ter Heijne, A., Microbial reduction of organosulfur compounds at cathodes in bioelectrochemicalsystems. Environmental Science and Ecotechnology1, 100009, (2020)