Martijn Wagterveld

Theme coordinator Sensoring


My work focuses on the development of sensors, the application of sensors, and the use of data to monitor (micro)pollutants, and develop new methods to remove (micro)pollutants from water.  I am the coordinator of 2 research themes: Sensoring and Advanced Coagulation for Nanoparticles. Besides guiding researchers, I am part of the Europe group, where I write EU-funded project proposals.


PhD, Wetsus / Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, 2013
MSc, Electrical Engineering, University of Twente, the Netherlands, 2007

Research interests

Sensors, Monitoring, Data Science, Separation technology, Micropollutants

Selected publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Ross, E., Wagterveld, M., Mayer, M., Stigter, H., Højris, B., Li, Y., Keesman, K. Sensor data fusion as an alternative for monitoring chlorate in electrochlorination applications. Sustainability, 14(10), 6119 (2022)
  • Chatterjee, S., Molenaar, R., De Vos, W. M., Roesink, H. D., Wagterveld, R. M., Cornelissen, J. J., Blum, C. Quantification of the Retention and Disassembly of Virus Particles by a PEI-Functionalized Microfiltration Membrane. ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 4(7), 5173-5179 (2022)
  • Sharifian, R., Wagterveld, R. M., Digdaya, I. A., Xiang, C., Vermaas, D. A. Electrochemical carbon dioxide capture to close the carbon cycle. Energy & Environmental Science, 14(2), 781-814 (2021)
  • Kandemir, M. H., Wagterveld, R. M., Yntema, D. R., Keesman, K. J. Selective particle separation on centimeter scale using a dual frequency dynamic acoustic field. Ultrasonics, 114, 106411 (2021)
  • Drusová, S., Wagterveld, R. M., Keesman, K. J., Offerhaus, H. L. Temperature and consolidation sensing near drinking water wells using fiber bragg grating sensors. Water, 12(12), 3572 (2020)