Rita Branco

PhD Researcher


The aim of my research is to contribute for the development of a groundwater in situ bioremediation technology for micropollutant removal. My research focuses on how the addition of dissolved organic matter enhances micropollutant biodegradation by different microbial cultures under different redox conditions.


MSc, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology, University of Aveiro, Portugal, 2018
BSc, Biotechnology, University of Aveiro, Portugal, 2016

Research interests

Micropollutant biodegradation, water bioremediation, biostimulation, biobased products

Selected list of publications

  • Branco, R.H.R.;, M.S.T. Amândio, L.S. Serafim, A.M.R.B. Xavier, “Ethanol Production from Hydrolyzed Kraft Pulp by Mono- and Co-Cultures of Yeasts: The Challenge of C6 and C5 Sugars Consumption”, Energies 13:3 (2020) 744
  • Branco R.H.R.; L.S. Serafim, A.M.R.B. Xavier, “Second generation bioethanol production – A focus on pulp and paper industry wastes as feedstock”, Fermentation 5:1 (2018) 4