2.2         Extracellular polymeric substance (EPS): the ubiquitous, multifunctional microbial biopolymer 

Chair: dr. M. Cristina Gagliano and dr. Inez Dinkla, Wetsus

•             Isolation of bacterial membrane-associated EPS and their health effects in the intestine, prof. Marthe Walvoort , University of Groningen, Department of Chemistry

•             The importance of EPS in shaping soil water, dr. Pascal Bernard, ETH Zürich, Dep. Of Environmental Systems Science, Switzerland

•             EPS from wastewater treatment aggregates and their correlation with micropollutants, dr. Daniela Mesquita, University of Minho · Centro de Engenharia Biológica, CEB, Portugal

•             Production and application of mixed culture EPS from wastewater treatment, dr. Carlos Contreras Davila, Wetsus/Paques