of goethite doping using elements with different preferential oxidation states for improved reversible phosphate adsorption

To tackle #eutrophication it is important to be able to remove #phosphate to very low concentrations and ironoxide based adsorbents show high potential for this application. To improve the affinity of such iron oxide based adsorbents we doped goethite, a very stable ironoxide, with Zn, Zr and Mn and showed that, surpisingly, Zn enhances the surface charge and therefore adsorption performances of goethite, while the opposite is observed for higher oxidation state elements. This provides a strategy to design more effective iron oxide-based adsorbents for eutrophication prevention and phosphate recovery.

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Belloni, C., L. Korving, G. J. Witkamp, E. Brück, and A. I. Dugulan. 2023. “Effect of Goethite Doping Using Elements with Different Preferential Oxidation States for Improved Reversible Phosphate Adsorption.” Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 11 (5): 110505.