Wetsus Webinar AMR in wastewater- determinants and removal

Antimicrobial resistance globally is in the rise and a constant flow of resistant bacteria and resistance genes reach our water bodies reducing their quality and leading to exposure of humans and animals. Wastewater treatment plants are centrally placed in the water chain and are suspected to be locations where things might get worse  – but perhaps they are also control points where interventions can take place to contain the spread of AMR into the environment.

In our webinar on March 25, 15.30, we cover the presence of resistance genes in WWTP and its drivers, the role of horizontal gene transfer and potential solutions at the wastewater treatment plant. This webinar is part of the REPARES network, and results from a PhD study supported by STOWA in the theme source separated sanitation.

Our invited speakers are prof. David Graham, Newcastle University, School of Engineering, Maarten Nederlof, Waterboard Aa en Maas and Rebeca Pallares MSc, PhD researcher at Wetsus. Your hosts will be Heike Schmitt and Lucia Hernandez.
You can register for this interesting webinar here.