Wetsus’ continuity secured for coming years

Recently, Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, has presented the conclusions of the ‘Expert Group Governance Water Technology‘ to the Dutch government. The Expert Group was installed by Ms. Keijzer in order to evaluate the governance of water technology
research in the Netherlands, Wetsus’ position in that and the future financingof Wetsus. The conclusions can be found here.Wetsus is very happy with the fact that its added value for the Dutch scienceand innovation community is underlined by the commission, and that the commission recognizes the important role that Wetsus plays in the Dutch science infrastructure. The commission therefore recommends to secure our long term financing. In the report, the structure and sources for the long term government financing of Wetsus are outlined, including a solution for a transition funding for 2021 and 2023, allowing Wetsus to adequately prepare for long term financing from 2023 onwards. Although the funding from 2023 onwards still poses some challenges, we look to the future with confidence. We sincerely thank all funding partners from companies, universities and governments for enabling this. Since our start in 2003 the Dutch water sector has grown, has become more knowledge intensive and has increased its export. The Dutch water sector has a very strong international reputation. We are very happy that with the continuation of our program, we can not only continue to support the sector, but also develop solutions for global environmental challenges and educate young talents to create a fair and sustainable world.