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Radical modelling innovation

Wetsus and University of Twente scientists managed to fabricate and model a photocatalytic membrane for water purification applications. The filter, made with a top layer of titanium dioxide, could destroy model compounds through UV-induced radical formation.

This radical filtration synergy is still underused, despite its promising features. With their experimental setup, they managed to discolor nearly 70% of the model compound, methylene blue, through a similar mechanism as what would affect microbes. The scientists further developed a theoretical model to explore the concept and accuracy of studying.

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Heredia Deba, Shuyana A., Bas A. Wols, Doekle R. Yntema, and Rob G. H. Lammertink. 2022. “Transport and Surface Reaction Model of a Photocatalytic Membrane during the Radical Filtration of Methylene Blue.” Chemical Engineering Science 254 (117617): 117617.