Alan Werker

Theme coordinator Biopolymers from water


Environmental engineer with 30 years academic and industrial R&D experience.  Principal contributions are with fundamental and scaled up developments for producing biopolymers integrated with waste management.  Currently, consultant and co-owner with Promiko AB (Swedish SME), Wetsus theme leader, and Adjunct Professor (University of Queensland).  Efforts continue in theory and practice with bioprocesses, renewable resource production and recovery, processing and applications of biopolymers.


PhD, Environmental Engineering, University of British Columbia Canada, 1999
MEng, Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto Canada, 1988
BASc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 1985

Research interests

(Bio)process engineering, materials science, resource recovery, measurement and numerical methods, data analysis and modelling, process monitoring and control

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Werker, Bengtsson, Johansson, Magnusson, Gustafsson, Hjort, Anterrieu, Karabegovic, Alexandersson, Karlsson, Morgan-Sagastume, Sijstermans, Tietema, Wypkema, van der Kooij, Deeke, Uijterlinde, Korving 2020.  Production quality control of mixed culture poly(3-hydroxbutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) blends using full-scale municipal activated sludge and non-chlorinated solvent extraction. In M. Koller (Ed.), The Handbook of Polyhydroxyalkanoates, Vol. 2 (Kinetics, Bioengineering, and Industrial Aspects), CRC Press, Oxon (UK) and Boca Raton (FL, USA).
  • Chan, Vandi, Pratt, Halley, Ma, Chen, Richardson, Werker, Laycock, 2019. Understanding the effect of copolymer content on the processability and mechanical properties of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) / wood composites, Composites: Part A.
  • Wang, Bengtsson, Oehmen, Carvalho, Werker, Reis. 2019.  Application of dissolved oxygen level (DO) control for PHA accumulation with concurrent nitrification in surplus municipal activated sludge. N. Biotechnol. 50, 37–43.
  • De Grazia, Quadri, Majone, Morgan-Sagastume, Werker. (2017) Influence of temperature on mixed microbial culture polyhydroxyalkanoate production while treating a starch industry wastewater. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 5, 5067-5075.
  • Chan, Johansson, Magnusson, Vandi, Arcos-Hernandez, Halley, Laycock, Pratt, Werker. (2017) Mixed culture polyhydroxyalkanoate-rich biomass assessment and quality control using thermogravimetric measurement methods. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 144, 110-120.