Edward Kimani

PhD Researcher


I am an Environmental Engineer with specialization in membrane processes for advanced water treatment. My research project focuses on reverse osmosis membranes and related processes, from fundamental mass transport modeling (including physical-chemical descriptions) to experimental investigations for model validations.


MSc, Water Technology, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands, 2020
BSc, Environmental Engineering, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 2016

Research interests

Reverse osmosis membranes, desalination, mass transport theory, molecular dynamics, polymer properties.

Selected list of publications

(Full list: link to Google Scholar)

  • E.M. Kimani, M. Pranic, S. Porada, A.J.B. Kemperman, I.I. Ryzhkov, W.G.J. Van der Meer, P.M. Biesheuvel, The influence of feedwater pH on membrane charge ionization and ion rejection by reverse osmosis: An experimental and theoretical study, J. Membrane Science 660 120800 (2022)
  • E.M. Kimani, A.J.B. Kemperman, W.G.J. Van der Meer, P.M. Biesheuvel, Multicomponent mass transport modeling of water desalination by reverse osmosis including ion pair formation, J. Chemical Physics 154 124501 (2021)
  • M. Pranic, E.M. Kimani, P.M. Biesheuvel, S. Porada, Desalination of complex multi-ionic solutions by reverse osmosis at different pH values, temperature, and compositions, American Chemical Society 6 19946-19955 (2021)