Gholamabbas Sadeghi

PhD Researcher


My research project is focused on solar vapor generation enhanced by nanomaterials and photothermal membrane technology. Also, I have previously conducted research on designing and constructing parabolic trough solar collectors, solar simulators, and synthesis of energy storage materials.

Current position

PhD Researcher


Eng.D, Energy & Process Technology, University of Twente, The Netherlands, 2022
MSc, Mechanical Engineering, Razi University, Iran, 2017
BSc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Kerman, Iran, 2015

Research interests

Solar energy, photothermal energy conversion, phase change heat transfer, nanotechnology

Selected publications

  • Sadeghi, G., Mehrali, M., Shahi, M., Brem, G., & Mahmoudi, A. “Experimental analysis of shape-stabilized PCM applied to a direct-absorption evacuated tube solar collector exploiting sodium acetate trihydrate and graphite”.Energy Conversion and Management, 269 (2022).
  • Sadeghi, G. “Energy Storage on Demand: Thermal Energy Storage Development, Materials, Design, and Integration Challenges”. Energy Storage Materials,46 (2022).
  • Sadeghi, G., Nazari, S. Retrofitting a thermoelectric-based solar still integrated with an evacuated tube collector utilizing an antibacterial-magnetic hybrid nanofluid. Desalination, 295 (2021).