Jan Post

Research management team, program director, theme coordinator Desalination & Concentrates, Priority compounds & virus control


As Dep. Program Director at Wetsus, I am connecting our research excellence with societal and commercial relevance. My focus is on water purification technology and energy storage. I am coordinating the themes Desalination and Priority compounds & virus control. I am also chairing the Program Board of TKI Water Technology, which is the platform for all Dutch knowledge institutes coordinating national funded research and development in Water Technology.


PhD, Environmental Technology, Wageningen University, NL, 2009
MSc, Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology, NL, 2000

Research interests

Desalination, electrodialysis, advanced oxidation, water reuse, energy storage 

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Doornbusch, G.J.; H. Swart, M. Tedesco, J.W. Post, Z. Borneman, D.C. Nijmeijer, Current utilization in electrodialysis: Electrode segmentation as alternative for multistaging, Desalination 480 (2020)
  • Vaudevire, E.; F. Radmanesh, A. Kolkman, D. Vughs, E.R. Cornelissen, J.W. Post, W.G.J. van der Meer, Fate and removal of trace pollutants from an anion exchange spent brine during the recovery process of natural organic matter and salts, Water Research 154 (2019)
  • Roman, M.; L.H. van Dijk, L. Gutierrez, M. Vanoppen, J.W. Post, B.A. Wols, E.R. Cornelissen, ARD Verliefde, Key physicochemical characteristics governing organic micropollutant adsorption and transport in ion-exchange membranes during reverse electrodialysis, Desalination 468 (2019)
  • PA Sosa-Fernandez, JW Post, H Bruning, FAM Leermakers, HHM Rijnaarts, Electrodialysis-based desalination and reuse of sea and brackish polymer-flooding produced water, Desalination 447 (2018)
  • AH Galama, G Daubaras, OS Burheim, HHM Rijnaarts, JW Post, Seawater electrodialysis with preferential removal of divalent ions, Journal of Membrane Science 452, 219-228
  • JW Post, HVM Hamelers, GJW Euverink, Energy recovery from controlled mixing salt and fresh water with a reverse electrodialysis system, Environmental Science & Technology 42 (2008)