Lourens van Langeveld

PhD Researcher


Currently, I am researching a variety of manure treatments and their application to soils in order to increase soil organic matter content while minimizing GHG emissions. The goal is to improve overall soil health and drought resilience through the development and integration of treatment technologies.

Current positions

PhD Researcher


MSc, Earth Sciences, Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2021
BSc, Liberal Arts and Sciences, University College Roosevelt, The Netherlands, 2018

Research interests

Soil, manure, digestion, composting, fermentation, organic matter

Selected list of publications

  • Mol, Annemerel R., et al. “Effect of sulfide on morphology and particle size of biologically produced elemental sulfur from industrial desulfurization reactors.” Journal of Hazardous Materials 424 (2022): 127696.