Roel Meulepas

Research management team, director Europe, theme coordinator Groundwater technology


Roel Meulepas is Director Europe at Wetsus, he is member of the Research Management Team and responsible for the patent and EU-project portfolios at Wetsus. Roel coordinates the Groundwater Technology theme and has over 15 years’ experience in research and innovation in the field of Environmental biotechnology.


2004-2009: PhD research, Wageningen University. Thesis: Biotechnological aspects of anaerobic oxidation of methane coupled to sulfate reduction. Promotor: prof. ir. C.J.N. Buisman
1997-2003: BSc & MSc programme Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University ,The Netherlands
1991-1997: Secondary education (vwo), Mondriaan College, Oss, The Netherlands

Research interests

Industrial wastewater treatment, Environmental biotechnology

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • RJW Meulepas et al. (2009) Enrichment of anaerobic methanotrophs in sulfate‐reducing membrane bioreactors. Biotechnology and bioengineering 104(3): 458-470.
  • RJW Meulepas et al. (2010), Trace methane oxidation and the methane dependency of sulfate reduction in anaerobic granular sludge. FEMS microbiology ecology 72(2): 261-271.
  • MA Acheampong, RJW Meulepas, PNL Lens (2012) Removal of heavy metals and cyanide from gold mine wastewater. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 85 (5): 590-613.
  • RJW Meulepas et al. (2015) Anaerobic bioleaching of metals from waste activated sludge. Science of the Total Environment 514: 60-67.
  • V Abromaitis, V Racys, P Van Der Marel, RJW Meulepas (2015) Biodegradation of persistent organics can overcome adsorption–desorption hysteresis in biological activated carbon systems. Chemosphere 149: 183-189