Menu joins Wetsus

Last week, signed the contract for their Wetsus membership.

The Wetsus spin-off was created to directly translate developments within Wetsus into solutions for monitoring surface water quality. The Wetsus Sensoring theme membership will enable to apply the latest AI and sensor fusion technologies. Other Sensoring theme members will give input on water quality challenges, like medicine traces and pesticides in surface water. works towards a generally applicable dashboard for evaluating surface water quality in different water bodies as defined in the EU Water Framework Directive. For this purpose, uses various data sources like publically available data throughout the EU, photos provided by citizens, data produced by third-party sensors and sensors. The data are interpreted in real time through AI and sensor data fusion algorithms, resulting in actual water quality and water quality predictions.

Local governments and companies will benefit from this new cooperation to improve policy development and water quality according to EU Water Framework Directive criteria.