Long term funding for Wetsus secured

The Dutch government will invest €35 million in Wetsus over the next 10 years. In combination with the other funding already secured, this means that we can continue until 2034 with our successful innovation program for a sustainable and fair world.  

Wetsus’ program is part of the so-called Growth Plan Water Technology, to which the National Growth Fund has allocated a total of €135 million. This national know-how and innovation program with a total budget of €343 million is cofounded by a consortium of 500 companies (€106 million) and institutes/decentralized governments (€101 million). The growth plan comprises all aspects of water technology innovation, from scientific research via demonstration and implementation to export and entrepreneurship development. At the same time, the new innovations will contribute to solving the world’s challenges with regard to water availability and quality.

In the Growth Plan, the Wetsus program will be used for the development of know how via innovative cooperation between companies and universities. For Wetsus, the new funding associated with that is the last piece of the long-term funding puzzle we have worked on for the past years.  The Growth-fund contribution is synergistically added to the other co-financing sources of companies, universities, the region, the EU and now three Ministries.  As a result, the continuity of our innovation institute is secured for the next 10 years.

WaterCampus Leeuwarden, of which Wetsus is a founding partner, has been granted another €7 million: €5 million for Water Alliance, for the translation of new technologies to the market and export, and another €2 million for companies through a subsidy program.  The third party at Water Campus, Centre of Expertise Water Technology, will have an important role in the execution of the talent program of the Growth plan.