PhD Call!

A set of seven new PhD positions at Wetsus for all sorts of disciplines related to water technology has opened this week. Applications can be submitted here: We are looking for you to come join is in this unique environment of excellence. Undertake a PhD rooted firmly in industry and social relevance, where personal development and entrepreneurship are key values.

Wetsus opened its second PhD call for this year. This time looking for Masters graduates with affinity for modeling biologically activated carbon filters, improving skating ice, valorizing manure, biodegradable flocculants, monitoring micropollutants, PFAS removal, or engineering biological activated carbon.

Each of these research positions are backed up by a European university, have in-house daily supervisors from Wetsus, and have dedicated industrial partners supplying feedback, application and societal relevance.

For instance, position 2023.09 Understanding and improving ice. It’s a first collaboration with skating hall Thialf and a cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. This project is all about gaining fundamental knowledge about ice properties for sports and how to generate it in a greener way.

Or what about 2023.05 Modeling dynamically operated biological activated carbon filters – a great mix of understanding its biology, chemistry, and physics to remove pollutants from water. It is a topic of great interest to many waterboards and accompanying professors from Wageningen University and Research.

More on the projects on: