Webinar The Future of Carbon Valorization online

In combatting rising carbon levels in the atmosphere, carbon capture is gaining an increase in attention worldwide. Even more clever are ideas of consequent conversion into useful products. Both research and industry are exploring routes to have an effective conversion of captured carbon into chemicals, food, and feed. In this webinar we want to show the huge potential of this approach by presenting and discussing some of the explored pathways from a research and industrial perspective. Among the discussed pathways are the conversion of carbon dioxide into chemicals that can replace fossil based chemicals directly or serve as intermediate to other chemicals and the uptake of CO2 into biomass to produce higher value compounds like food and feed ingredients.


  • dr. Uffe Sognstrup Thomsen – Research on CO2 sequestration and green transition at CORC Aarhus University – Aarhus University and the Novo Nordisk Foundation CO2 research center
  • dr. Tom Sleutels –  Enhanced phototrophic biomass production with H2 – Wetsus/University of Groningen
  • dr. Louis Legrand – Toward market implementation of CO2 electrochemical reduction to produce formic acid – Coval Energy
  • dr. Nico Claassens – CO2 valorization via the electro-microbial route: combining the best of chemistry and (synthetic) biology – Wageningen university & Research

Chair: Dr. Michele Tedesco